Monday, October 15, 2012

Amy's wedding

The last weekend of September may go down as the busiest weekend ever!!  It wasn't planned to be that way, but sometimes life just throws everything at you in one weekend.  In this one weekend we.....moved Jason to his apartment in Birmingham on that Thursday (to start his new job on Monday), drove to my parents house, helped them pack their house on Friday, movers come to their house Saturday morning and deliver all furniture by Saturday afternoon.....finally about 3:00 we jump in car and make a mad dash for my cousin, Amy's wedding in Montgomery.  The drive from Oxford to Montgomery always takes 2 hours...whether you drive 90 mph or 50 just is one of those annyoing 2 hr. car rides.  We leave, get gas, etc. thinking we'll roll into town by at least 5:30.  Well, we get stopped by trains and got behind at least 3 cars with handicap tags and no lie pull into Wynlakes Country Club at 5:50 (wedding starts at 6:00).  I'm just thankful we made it in time to see everyone walk down the aisle. The long crazy drive was well worth it!!! The wedding was gorgeous, she was beautiful (as always!), food was divine, band was fun and it was a great way to end a crazy weekend!!!
Congrats to Amy and Phelps....wishing you all the best!!!!!!!!

Cousin Graham loved the band and dancing!!!
 Mom and me

The lovely couple

Grandma and Mother

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